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Foreign nuclear power valve companies
Time锛2012-5-7 5:12:17
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Foreign nuclear power valve companies

Foreign nuclear power valves and domestic nuclear power valve, the full range of foreign nuclear power valve, advanced technology, excellent performance and high reliability. The United States the world鈥檚 first experimental nuclear reactor, the former Soviet Union in 1954 built the world鈥檚 first nuclear power plant was built in 1942. In the 60 years of nuclear power technology development process, the only nuclear power valve, abroad to form the complete design, test, manufacture, inspection system, and accumulated a lot of experience, the product is mature, reliable technology. Westinghouse of the United States, Canada, Whelan, France鈥檚 Framatome and other Western nuclear valves and control of the contemporary state-of-the-art nuclear power technology. The the Whelan company鈥檚 nuclear power valve in almost 90% of the world鈥檚 nuclear power plants have a good supply record. Nuclear island and conventional island of nuclear power plants in the world in many important nuclear grade, non-nuclear grade valves, such as pilot safety valve, main steam isolation valve, regulating valve nuclear valve technology and markets are well-known nuclear power valve monopoly, and the price is very expensive.

The major producers of nuclear valves
1 Rockwell International Corporation (Rockwell International, Corp..)

Rockwell International Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, the total number of employees 12 million people. The company has more than 200 factories and offices in over 30 countries outside the U.S. More than 100 subsidiaries, joint companies and subsidiaries.

By the aerospace, automotive, electronics and general industrial four production sectors. Wide variety of products, equipment and components for high-precision engineering. Rockwell International Corporation, the general industrial sector in the traffic control equipment products, including utilities, industrial valves of valves, oil, natural gas and nuclear. The company produced the first nuclear power plant in 1974 sealed with a metal diaphragm valves.

2, Sulzer, Germany KSB Company

The company was founded in 1871, the original plant in January 1972, the Swiss Sulzer company KSB Sulzer - KSB set up at the factory site, and investment of 340,000 marks, which specializes in nuclear power plants the design and manufacture of pumps and valves. The plant covers an area of ​​57400m2, the number of employees more than 3,000 people.

The main products of the company鈥檚 nuclear reactors, with the globe valve, globe valve, gate valve, spring safety valves, diaphragm valves. And chemical acid resistant steel globe valve, gate valve, diaphragm valve, and so on.

3, Velen Engineeringco.ltd.

Whelan Engineering Company was founded in 1950, has now become the pioneer in the valve industry in the world. There are 10 professional factories, more than 2,000 employees. The company has representative offices in 60 countries. Whelan Engineering Company valve manufacturer in addition to three in the foreign and the remaining seven in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, Portugal and South Korea.

Whelan Engineering Company as a major supplier of nuclear power valve manufacturers, erected a reputation for its excellent quality. Three plants in North America to hold ASME nuclear power station "N" license. Produced a large number of nuclear power valves including all types and parameters of the valve. Representative nuclear power valve DN350 of nuclear grade 鈪 valve design pressure 17.6Mpa, the maximum operating temperature of 350 掳 C; nuclear grade 鈪 main steam isolation valve DN800, 1,500 pound class. There are 24 countries in the use of the company鈥檚 nuclear power valve.

British Haatterley Heaton (Hatelihai Tong)

HaatterleyHeaton Corporation has the experience of six decades of producing steel valves, nuclear power station valve supplier. 40 years, the company鈥檚 highly sophisticated multiple types of bellows seal valves are widely used in nuclear power plants around the world, has also been used in the nuclear-powered submarines.

5 Fisher Controls

Fisher Controls the development and production of control valves, widely used in national nuclear power plant for its production of the pilot valve cage style control valve, ball valve, pressure reducing valve and other types of control valves regulate the pressure or smooth flow, low noise, the executive body is sensitive.



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