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Is there such a person?
Time锛2012-6-2 5:21:47
From锛 --- 銆 Cleck锛0

Is there such a person?

Is there such a person?

Your mouth is conscious up when you think of him.

Is there such a person?

You will suddenly become silent to hear his name.

Is there such a person?

You will be alone to cry when you miss him, but saw him smilely and pretending it does not matter.

There are too many beautiful and touching things in one鈥檚 life. But you would rather be lost and sad for that man, even to the verge of collapse.

You will write him in your diary about a large chunks of that man but was not belong to you.

Appropriate to sing your heart when you hear a sentence near to your lyrics aloud pain.

To dream his cold expression from the dark nigh, and awoke crying over.

Even more more鈥

Is there such a person?

You thank God you met him, you think it is a blessing as seeing him

Is there such a person?

You are trying to give him up numerous times, but eventually could not bear.

Is there such a person?

You waste your youth and miss the true love, but still innocently waiting, even if you know no matter how long he still will not look back.

It is a torture when you like you in every day.

In every minute, every second, a mixture of pain and sweet beside of you.

Even if the pain make you teared, even if you know it is a illusion of consolation that it seems you are sweet, but you are not willing to let it go.

You say it is to be, you say you were acknowledged defect when you like him that moment. You say, 鈥 you see, I lost the heart empty.

Is there such a person?

That person who was arranged by God to hurt you, but you are willing to be hurt, even if you know you will be black and blue.

Is there such a person?

You wish you did not like him many times, never even knew him. But if God gives you an opportunity to return to the past, you will still choose to like him, without any trace of hesitation.

Is there such a person?

You do not know whether he is the unique in your life or not.

You are not sure you were met the right person at the wrong time, or met the wrong person at the right time. You only can be sure that only you like him, but he does not like you.

Friends are speak out more than once against injustice for you. They advise you to give up, they say he is not worthy of you sadness for him. They said 鈥淚s he kind to you?鈥, but you are against injustice for him. You say he deserves. You reply he is very, very good. You say 鈥淚 am still not good enough鈥. Oh, how ludicrous it is!

Obviously, Obviously, you know you are well, Obviously you know the friends say because they are distressed to you. Obviously, you know you will be both better when give up.

But you do not want to give up, because he is him, only the unique in the world.

From the beginning to the end, you just quietly watching, thinking, liking, you fear that you will bring his restless because of your love. Then you deeply hide away your feelings, and get it down in your heart. You think your sadness is better than to let him uncomfortable, that will make you feel sorry.

The unrequited love make you humble, you never even beg he likes you, you just hope he does not depprive the right that you like him.

You are so good for him, everyone feel sorry, so many his friends envy, it make that people bedazed regretfully. That will make you feel sorry.

Unrequited love become humble. You never even excessively desire he likes you.

You just hope he does not right to deprive that you like him

But there are too many regrets in one鈥檚 life, for example someone love you warmly focused, but you can not accept his good intentions. For example, you love that people hysteria exhausted, but he only say sorry to you.

Is there such a person? You ever believed that he was your happiness, but his happiness was not you.



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