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The largest water valve market in Beijing is dismantled
Time锛2017-6-14 6:19:17
From锛 --- 銆 Cleck锛0

Located at the edge of the west fourth ring in Beijing city, the largest water and valve market in the capital city of 63-acre, has removed more than 130 merchants, and has unsolved more than 600 of its direct employees.
Responsible person of the Marco Polo bridge street, guest long plumbing valves the market opened in November 2001, operating area of more than 40000 square meters, the market is given priority to with bungalow, there are more than 120 appearance room, large and small 88 warehouse, there are three high-grade building practitioners. Last year, the market had applied for upgrading and upgrading to build a platform for building materials in south China, but for various reasons, the scheme was not approved.
In June last year, the market for the 100 million long water heating valve was confirmed to be listed in the closure of the shut-down zone, and the closure announcement was made at the end of April this year, which will be the start of the demolition node on June 20. Facing businesses and market disputes, fengtai commerce committee and Marco Polo bridge street take the initiative to help build communication consultation platform, eventually the two sides reached an agreement, with only four days to repel and merchants. After the market is dismantled, the plot will be used according to the plan to eliminate non-capital functions.

The reporter: Sun Ying



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