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The pump valve industry becomes the important statistic data object of National Statis
Time锛2017-6-30 6:19:17
From锛 --- 銆 Cleck锛0

On the afternoon of June 28, shen guoliang, deputy head of the national bureau of statistics zhejiang survey, went to yongjia county to study and survey the survey and survey the sample enterprises of oubei industrial products price survey. Yongjia county committee deputy secretary, county chief Lin wanle accompanied.
Guo-liang shen a line came to wenzhou leopard ball valve co., LTD., a detailed understanding of enterprise structure, scale, main business, performance, price indices of industrial products PPI and other related business conditions, and detailed listen to a talk yongjia county survey work. , yongjia county, pump valve industry was born in the late 1960 s, after 40 years of rapid development, pump valve has become the first pillar industries of our county鈥檚 four big traditional industry, always fine to become the largest scale and highest yield and the most complete specifications varieties, the focus of the pump valve enterprise, products manufacturing base. At present, there are 21 sample enterprises of the pump valve manufacturing industry in yongjia county, accounting for 4.5% of the province鈥檚 industry, which has become an important statistical survey data of the national bureau of statistics.
After hearing about the situation, shen gave full affirmation to the statistical investigation work of yongjia county and thanked the government and enterprises for supporting the statistical work. Is the next step work, guo-liang shen requirements, always fine survey team want to combine the "two learn how to make a" solid work pays special attention to the party and the statistical survey business, insist on quality first, to complete each survey work solidly, strengthen analysis, further improve service quality and level of statistical investigation. We will adhere to the rule of law, consolidate grassroots work, strengthen comprehensive security, and further improve the level of security of statistical investigations. We will standardize urban and rural household surveys, make clear the core of data quality, ensure the quality of the survey data, and strive to create a new situation in the development of the household survey science. (China pump valve no.1 network)



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