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China develops high-end valve products and gradually penetrates the international market
Time锛2017-7-5 6:27:36
From锛 --- 銆 Cleck锛0
According to statistics, 1-3, 2017, the check valve, expansion valve and other valves exports increased, expansion valve exports of 3.19 million (set/kg), increased by 45% compared with a year earlier, the valve industry in China is expanding rapidly.
With the continuous increase of the global population and increasing energy demand, the development of petrochemical, metallurgy, power and other industries has led to the demand for a large number of valve products. In China as a developing country, the rapid growth of economic aggregate, greatly promote the oil, gas, electric power, chemical and other downstream of the valve industry development, and gradually become a new engine valve industry development.
According to statistics, 1-3, 2017, the check valve, expansion valve and other valves exports increased, expansion valve exports of 3.19 million (set/kg), increased by 45.00% compared with a year earlier, the valve industry in China is expanding rapidly.
At the same time, China鈥檚 imports of valves and imports have declined significantly. In January 2017, the average price of imported valves in China was 6.17 usd/set, with prices falling 16.9% year-on-year. In 2016, the import amount of China鈥檚 valves fell by 5% year on year.
It can be said that China鈥檚 valve industry is in a very favorable development period. So how should enterprises seize opportunities to strengthen international competitiveness?
Firstly, the technical level of domestic products can fully meet the market demand in the field of low-end industrial valves and civil valves. Oriented to the market demand for valve products is bigger, but because of the low technical content, barriers to entry is not high, lead to the market with a large amount of low degree of specialization, scale is small, cottage industry manufacturers. These companies are fighting a "price war" in the fierce market competition, which has caused the market to rise fast but the embarrassing situation of earnings growth is unhappy. Therefore, in the low-end valve area, enterprises should focus on product quality and brand building, and analyze the market with strategic and long-term perspective so as to become more competitive in the international market.
Secondly, in the industrial valves in the market in the end, for the product still demand for larger, at the same time, the technical content is high, so can enter the stage of international competition is a large enterprise, in terms of production technology and production technology is relatively mature, and with many international customers to establish a stable relations of cooperation. Enterprises should be pay attention to quality at the same time, improve the technical innovation ability, strengthen cooperation, absorb and learn foreign advanced technology and management experience, to expand the advantage, a firm foothold in the international market.
Finally, in the high-end market of valve, due to the technical requirements are very high, and the use of harsh environment, more for special material valve, therefore, the market is monopolistic competition situation, the more is mainly composed of the United States, Europe, Japan and other international well-known enterprises dominated, in which China鈥檚 enterprises to occupy the share is very low. But along with the science and technology strength, valve technology and materials technology is constantly improve, some domestic companies are invested heavily, focusing on research and development of high-end products, and gradually penetrated into the international market.
Recently, aerospace long march chemical engineering co., LTD., subsidiary of valve research and development of ball valve, three-way reversing valve, pneumatic actuators review three products by Italian machinery product certification center, and obtain the "SIL certification certificate", issued by the won a "pass" to participate in international competition. In addition, the high-tech enterprise of China, lanzhou high pressure valve co., ltd. has developed the highest temperature valve in the world to compete in the international market.
In general, the valve industry in China is rising steadily, corresponding, the traditional markets of North America and the eu as a valve product, although still occupy a larger market share of global valve market, but in terms of growth will be slow. According to the analysis report, the export growth rate of valve leading products in China is expected to average around 25% in the next three years. Enterprises should seize this historic opportunity to realize the leapfrog development and propel the valve manufacturing industry from manufacturing to a greater nations!




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